How do we incorporate S.T.E.A.M. into our curriculum

We completed our 1st workshop with Jack & Jill Houston South Belt branch in January of this year. They were so excited for us to teach Nigeria and Egypt to preK-8th grade, a total of 50 kids.

It was great program that got rave reviews from all kids and parents.

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“Give me computers any day over People”

My father is a man of few words. All my life he used to utter the above phrase: “Give me computers any day over PEOPLE”. He is an electrical, mechanical and computer engineer who got his B.S. and M.S. in all three, studied in Germany, speaks German fluently and had his own networking company in Guyana helping Oil & Gas companies there.

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I am an Engineer but…how did I become an entrepreneur?

How come you are now an entrepreneur? Do you use your degree? Do you miss engineering? How come you have 4 businesses; an ergo consulting company, real estate, an education company and now a float spa? Where is the connection?

After 2 years, I have polished my answers and responses to these questions. LOL…

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Culture Kidz School

Due to the success of our Tour-A-Culture programs and comments from kids and parents. We have decided to open a school starting with pre-school. Kids and parents can’t get enough of our great curriculum. 🙂

Did you read our blog about S.T.E.M.–>B.R.A.C.E.D curriculum? (Click here if you haven’t)

We have found no program likes ours. We have tested our program effectiveness, reception by kids and parents and are moving full speed ahead.

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I am thankful…my Bio

This second series of blogs all discuss being rounded and balanced.

Over the years and currently, there are many debates and discussions about using the right and left brains where successful use of the right brain results in someone earning more income.

But being the best at whatever is always a result of the whole brain.

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A Cultural Program NOT a language program

Finally able to blog again after having another bad season of allergies and swamped with the growth of the program. We ended up with 105 kids in 17 schools in Houston and Austin. You can imagine a lot of logistics coordinating the students, teachers and keeping the parents informed.

A few parents were surprised that I started a cultural program and not a language program since I am a polyglot who speaks 6 languages. Here is my blog post to answer this question.

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Coin Collecting-Healthy Hobbies for Kids

Did you collect coins and stamps as a child? Do you still collect coins and stamps?

I woke up one day and remembered how much fun I had collecting stamps and coins in Guyana. I have since stopped collecting stamps but I still enjoy collecting coins wherever I travel.

So I thought to get my kids off electronic devices, let’s collect coins as a family. Summer is a perfect time to introduce this as many take vacations. Different States and National Parks all have specific coins. Coin collecting is not just for international travel.

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My Uber Experience…

Although ride sharing has been quite popular, I never got a chance to use any of them due to needing to rent a vehicle or being within a short walk to public transportation. My quick weekend to Washington, D.C. trip gave me the chance to try out Uber.

Here are my lessons learned. Works well if:

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Love | Hate Relationship with Spring

It has felt like ages since I blogged and it has been….all thanks to SPRING ALLERGIES. Not sure about other US states but allergies in Houston this year was utterly unbearable. I felt like I had the flu for months and nothing helped.. homeopathic nor over the counter medication.

Thankfully, we survived and got to enjoy the beauty of the season in Texas, Washington and Washington D.C; all within April.

When we were at our limits, we decided on a quick getaway to Seattle. There are allergies everywhere but the trees, grass, weeds and molds are different. We were happy to get the break and enjoy the Skagit Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon (about 1 hour north of Seattle).

1st Tulip Blooms - Skagit Tulip Festival
1st Tulip Blooms – Skagit Tulip Festival

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