5 VACATIONS a year! Say What?

How to MAXIMIZE 2 weeks of vacation time

Do you find it depressing to just have 2 weeks of vacation time for the whole year for the next 3 years or so? Like school you didn’t see the end in sight?

If married this poses even greater challenges for visiting in-laws. Are the in-laws located abroad? Maybe in different continents?

To make vacation planning more creative, do you travel for work a lot? And separately from spouse?

Well, with careful planning you can get 5 vacations a year. That’s right 5 vacations! Vacation with spouse, family vacation with kids, vacation with extended family 1, extended family 2 vacation and solo vacation.

  1. Start with the calendar of the year in question like below in picture. As a sample with no complications, you can do 3 mini weekend vacations in May, July and September. Then 2 longer vacations in November (around Thanksgiving) and December (around Christmas).
TAC-2015 Vacation Calendar
Example of 5 vacations in 2015!

Mini weekend vacations do not have to be just within the USA. Depending on where you live and your preferred airlines, it may make more sense to fly directly to international destinations. Living in Houston; it’s faster and direct to visit Central America and a few Caribbean Islands than it is to visit certain regions of states in the SouthWest.  Thus, travel time becomes dramatically increased as lay overs are longer.

If in-laws are located abroad and in different continents save the longer Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations to visit them.

If located in same continent take vacation time from November Thanksgiving vacation and add to the December Christmas vacation. In-laws will feel special as these are considered more family time. This also works if in-laws are located in different continents. If layover schedule stops in the continent of one set of in-laws on route to the other use December to visit both families. This can be a time saver as well as help with jet lag. Slowly make your way to the farther continents to ease into time difference and deal with jet lag better.

If not able to physically travel to visit in-laws, consider meeting in a different destination each year using the same 1 week or 2 weeks vacation options over November and December.

  1. If you travel a lot for work. Revisit vacation calendar and add in work travel if known. Instead of adding vacation days to holidays, add them to work travel. Extended business travel combing work and personal has been increasingly popular.

If married or have a significant other, have that person take vacation days during your vacation before or after work schedule. You can then reciprocate during their business travel. This way you get 2 vacations without sacrificing the days.

If business travel is far away and previous doesn’t make sense, you and significant other will have to decide which business trip gets to be extended. See this as a positive – Think about new continent? New country? New cultural explorations!

Then take a mini weekend trip or stay-cation to not lose number of vacations. Stay-cations do count!

Hope these tips will help to make the first steps of travel planning fun! If you have more than 2 weeks of vacation time (AWESOME), you have most likely put in your time of work and deserve more mini vacations or turn mini vacations into 7 and 10 day vacations. Start planning vacations for 2016. Get a copy of above calendar for 2016 in excel format.  

Happy Travel Planning 🙂

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