Why I Take a Solo Trip Every Year

Reclaim, refocus & rebalance is always the motto of my solo trips. I started taking one trip a year by myself to focus on me, Dacia. Not just the wife, mother, daughter or sister.

I remember waking up one day and realizing, no one knew my name anymore. I am always the wife of so, mother of so, daughter of so and sister of so. Where is Dacia? I am still all those titles but also, I have my own personality and individualism separate from my family attachments.

As I am no longer working with lots of business trips a year. I decided to create “my solo trip“; a time I dedicate to focusing on who I am and how I can grow as an individual; physically, spiritually and emotionally. Which… ultimately makes me a better wife, mother, daughter and sibling.

I get questions from people like, “Isn’t it lonely? Aren’t you scared? How safe is it? How does your family allow that?

Being an introvert, loneliness is defined differently. I have scheduled this time and this time alone. When it’s over, I will be surrounded by mommy, mommy, mommy all day and look forward to it after my trips.

In the meantime, I am excited to see what I learn about myself, how I will grow from this experience and how much work I will accomplish. Yes I spend a few hours very few working completely focused without interruptions.

I spent time away from home when I was 16 for 1 month and studied abroad for a year in Europe when I was 20. I like to think I am a seasoned solo traveler.

I apply the saying when in Rome do like the Romans…I am not scared, I choose places that are safe, I speak 5 languages, understand and read more and I look like I can be from many countries (and I fly with it).

Me, myself and I doesn’t have to be long 3 – 10 days out of 365 days. You lose nothing and gain so much. We should all spend time reclaiming, refocusing and rebalancing ourselves.


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