Coin Collecting-Healthy Hobbies for Kids

Did you collect coins and stamps as a child? Do you still collect coins and stamps?

I woke up one day and remembered how much fun I had collecting stamps and coins in Guyana. I have since stopped collecting stamps but I still enjoy collecting coins wherever I travel.

So I thought to get my kids off electronic devices, let’s collect coins as a family. Summer is a perfect time to introduce this as many take vacations. Different States and National Parks all have specific coins. Coin collecting is not just for international travel.

We then had the issue of where and how to store our coins. We found that there are nice kid folders for purchase for all US coins. Unfortunately, no coin folders for everywhere else. So we introduced kid coin folders by continents for the kids in our program to enhance their learning of the money and economy curriculum sections.

Here is the result! Kid friendly coin folders by continent with our new mascot.




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