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Preparing the Next Generation to Succeed in the New Global World.

MultiCultural Competence: 1 of the Hottest Job Skills Employers Are Seeking.

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Tour-A-Culture™ programs educate and teach children about the people and places near and far while fostering a sense of community within each child. We hope as many children can experience and grow to embrace multiculturalism. Our programs:

  • teach the etiquette, language, art, music, food, clothing, dance and more of different cultures
  • bridge the cultural gaps and integrates S.T.E.A.M., language and other educational programs
  • encourage kids to work in teams and build problem solving skills for all activites
  • are tailored to students' ages, interests and cultural backgrounds

Meet Dacia

A mom of 2 multilingual and multicultural boys and an engineer with a passion for all things culture and travel. She is a mix of 5 ethnicities, speaks 6 languages, has lived in 5 countries and has traveled to over 36 countries and 230 cities across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

English, Creole, French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Korean
Chinese, Indian, Native American, Irish and African
Guyana, USA, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Taiwan

Our Expertise

Cultural learning made fun by blending Culture & S.T.E.M. Our Programs include:

50% Complete (success)
50% Complete (success)
50% Complete (success)
50% Complete (success)
70% Complete (success)

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Preparing the Next Generation to Succeed in the New Global World. Jump Start for Global Opportunities.

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